Friday, February 19, 2016

Matias Martinez & Maria Magdalena Santos

DID: 12345

Name: Matias Martinez
Ship: San Ignacio de Loyola
Birth: Aguimes, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Wife: Maria Magdalena Santos


Galvestown Settlement Survey
Matias left Aguimes in 29 Oct 1778 sailing on the San Ignacio de Loyola and landed in New Orleans on TBD with his son and daughter, Juan and Maria.   He arrived at the Galveztown settlement.

He was shown on the TBD census in TBD.  In 1794, he owned land along Bayou Manchac, north of Juan Malchor and Francisco Morales.

His name can be found spelled Mattias Martin in both the ship manifest list of 1778, the 1794 survey, as well as a witness to many marriage investigations in Galveztown in 1787.2,5

Both are listed as the godparents to Antonia Maria Rodriguez of Galveztown on April 13, 1787.4


  1. Juan Santos (b. 1774)
  2. Maria (b. 1776)
  3. Ferdinand Bernard (b. 29 Jan 1783)
  4. Fernando Antonio (b. 5 Jan 1784)
  5. Maria Antonia (b. 27 Mar 1789)

Son Juan Santos married Antonia Gonzales. Listings show marriage "investigations" on Jan 30, 1803 in Galveztown.  Parents are listed as Martin and Maria Santos, both deceased, both from Aguimes.   "The groom [Juan] said he was a native of the Canary Islands and brought as a boy to this parish of Galveztown where he has remained. The said Santos is of major age of 25 years and governs himself without any need to seek the permission of anyone to dispose of his person. The bride has her mother's consent which I guarantee by having her in my presence before publishing the Banns(?).The bride [Antonia] is 15 years old."3

After 1810, many of his children can be found residing at Spanish Town, Baton Rouge.


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